ARCP 480 from Kenwood 

ARCP 590 from Kenwood 




I am a user of a remote control station.
TRX1: I use as my Kenwood TS480SAT version with antenna tuner.
TRX2: I use Kenwood TS590 with PA HLA300
My little helper PA Italian RM KL405V.
To control the Yaesu Rotor G450XL use the controller and the German software company WINROTOR.
Software Kenwood ARCP-590 , ARUA-10 ,   ARHP-10, ARVP10-R , ARVP10-H 
Switch antenna by SP6CYN

A simple solution for home remote control. ALL FREE :)
A simple solution is controlled by ARHP-10 or HRD and the entrance to the remote computer using teamviewer, while the audio transmission can be done using Skype.